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Water Damage Restoration

Removing flood water from your home is just the beginning. We’ll assess the damage that you can’t see and make it right! Call us for an emergency quote and get started quickly.




Sewage Cleanup and Repair

Sewage is one of the most hazardous substances to enter a home or building. It contains harmful bacteria and viruses, many of which are disease-causing. The decontimination process requires a pro!




Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can get out of control fast! Restoring it as if it never happened should be fast too, so invite us to come out and see it for ourselves so we can get you back to normal ASAP!




Mold Remediation

Mold can spread to dangerous levels when there is hidden moisture over time. Let us perform a black mold assessment in your home to prevent health issues today!



Fire and Water Restoration Cost

There is no out of pocket cost when you are faced with a flood or fire restoration service. Your homeowners insurance coverage is designed to protect you from such catastrophes and that’s exactly what happens at DOT.

Emergency Water Damage Call

Approximate Time You Have Before Mold Starts to Take Hold After Water Damage…….

Water and Fire Damage Restoration Done Right!

Disasters of Tampa Bay, also known as DOT, provides an extensive array of professional residential and commercial restoration services for disasters of all sizes. While providing a 24/7 emergency service, DOT's team has highly training qualifications to remove the water and clean up after a flood, a fire or smoke damage. They also offer their services when it comes to cleaning mold, preventing its growth after a flood due to long-term moisture and turning your environment into a safe one again. Every damage situation requires a unique approach, but after inspecting the problem, Disasters of Tampa Bay is able to come with an excellent solution, implemented with the help of innovative and top-notch technology, in order to obtain compelling results and to satisfy each and every client's needs.

Based in Tampa Bay, DOT offers its cutting edge competences and specialized teams to water and fire damage rehabilitation to commercial and residential clients, who, unfortunately, have experienced a disaster and they have to deal with a devastating aftermath. A fire or water disaster can be seen from different perspectives. When it affects someone's house, be it from a kitchen fire or a basement flood, for example, that person wants their house to feel like home once more. But when it comes to a damaged business, the focus switches to the lost revenue during the period of time when the property's being recovered.

If you are looking for a water and fire damage restoration company, whose dedicated focus is on providing high quality services and rejuvenating any kind of residence, then you have come to the right place. No matter how big or urgent your commercial or residential damage is, DOT's team of professionals will only use the finest and effective strategies to help you clean up and restore your property in the fastest amount of time that is possible. The company firmly believes that the faster you act in case of a disaster, the lesser the consequences will be. Not only less consequences to the actual property, but also smaller restoration costs and even replacement items' costs.

Even though the list of disasters which could strike your home or your company's headquarters or terrain is an exhaustive one, DOT is here to help you restore it back to normal in case of floods, fires and the consequences they come within. In other words, their restoration services include:

Here at Disasters of Tampa Bay it is provided a fusion between impeccable clean up services, restoration assistance and technical expertise. In our times, when time costs money and the cutting edge technology is constantly being redesigned, Disasters of Tampa Bay is dedicated to delivering effective ideas, when it comes to damage restorations.  DOT tries to offer helpful and uncomplicated experiences to their clients, while guiding them through the whole restoration process. It’s always recommended to choose a professionally certified restoration company, being the safest and fastest option to solve these kind of problems.

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