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There is no out of pocket cost when you are faced with a flood or fire restoration service. Your homeowners insurance covereage is designed to protect you from such catastrophes and that's exactly what happens at DOT.
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The fire damage restoration process can be particularly exhaustive. This kind of dramatic event can be devastating, whether we're talking about homeowners or companies. The smoke and fire damages are not the only aspects you will have to deal with after the fire is put out, but also with water and flooding damage, caused by firefighter’s efforts to extinguish the flames. But all these problems can be drastically diminished or even solved completely by a professional fire and water damage restoration company, whose focus is on using up-to-the-minute strategies and technologies to clean and repair.  No matter the amplitude or the spread, it is better to choose the help of the specialists. Be it from a kitchen fire, a short circuit or any other countless reasons, the fire damage cleaning and repair shouldn't be ignored.

The foremost devastation might come as a shock to the home and business owners, but the acting time after the damage is utterly important and the intervention has to be made as soon as possible, to avoid some items' materials permanent damage. A certified fire damage restoration company like Disasters of Tampa Bay has a team of experts, specially trained in fire and water damage repair, which are able to clean and restore your property to pre-fire conditions, in most of the cases. With a 24/7 availability, they begin the process with the cleaning step, implying soot residues and water flooding. At this point, the environment is not safe for anyone, the specialists themselves wearing dust masks and special equipment. After cleaning the personal or business property, the fire damage restoration company usually draws the line between what can and cannot be restored, all this time informing the business and home owners about the damage control and explaining what to expect and how they can reduce the costs or replace various items.

Besides the fire damage restoration service, the certified companies have a smoke remediation service as well, given the fact that the smoke damage from fire is inevitable. It is also toxic and it can turn a room or an office into an inoperable or not suited for living environment. While cleaning the source of the smoke odor, the specially trained team will also clean all the items that can be saved, be it metal items, doors, windows, carpets or wood floors. There are also fabric and upholstery technicians, who know which techniques to apply, in order to keep the materials as close as possible to their initial form, size or colors.

Why trouble yourself with the fire damage clean up and restoration, after a big shock in your life, when you can simply call in the experts and leave every problem in their hands? It will be faster, less damaging and probably less expensive if you require their comprehensive services during the first hours after the disaster. This way, you will be able to have some peace of mind throughout a disturbing and complex situation, leaving the experts deal with the damage.

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