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There may not be an out of pocket cost when you are faced with a mold disaster. Your homeowners insurance coverage is designed to protect you from such health catastrophes and that’s exactly what happens at DOT. Find out more about what is covered. Call us today!

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Mold is a common problem, which usually appears where there is excess moisture and water. Whether it's your home or your business, mold is able to spread throughout the property in 48-72 hours, producing irritants and allergens, which usually lead to health problems for the inhabitants. In fact, microscopic mold spores are present all around us, whether it's indoor or outdoor. But only in contact with humidity can they thrive and, when it comes to an exposure to water, they are able to grow into dangerous colonies. The indoor humidity should be maintained at a level below 45% and the factors which caused the mold eliminated or else the mold remediation might be in vain. It might be everything - a broken pipe, a flood, a roof leak, even a sewage breakdown, which haven't been cleaned and dried by professionals.

The moment you identify mold in house or at the office, it is recommended to require help from a certified mold removal company, such as Disasters of Tampa Bay, also known as DOT. Offering their mold remediation services 24/7, DOT's specialists can come to your property and inspect the issue, before laying out an action plan. Based on their thorough training, comprehensive expertise and top-notch techniques, the experts will restore your property to its original state, after going through a couple of vital steps in the mold remediation process. There is an initial air quality testing, which usually indicates if you have or not mold. After that, some safety measures are to be set, so that the persons or pets living there won't get sick from mold spores. It is followed by a safe mold removal and an appropriate drying and dehumidification and decontamination. The odor given by mold is also eliminated by specialists, after carefully clearing all the problematic corners and spaces.

No matter if the mold problem occurs because of a plumbing or roof leak, there is a tailored solution to each and every problem. From cleaning and sanitizing to removing mold odor, professional companies can provide an exhaustive mold abatement and health problems prevention. Exceeding customers' expectations is as important as meeting health standards. While a complete removal of the mold is not possible, given the fact that the mold spores are omnipresent, after a certified mold remediation you can simply prevent it from reappearing again, by maintaining a certain level of humidity and even using an air purifier.

It's possible that, after a flood, the ceiling and walls are not dried properly, leading to mold in house. But where others have failed, Disasters of Tampa Bay will repair and restore. Even if we're talking about different types of mold. But the most toxic kind of mold is Stachybotrys chartarum, a type of black mold. This, as much as the other types, should not be touched or tried to be removed by homeowners. In some cases, homeowner’s efforts turned into an accelerated mold growth, because their lack of expertise, a specially designed equipment, and the improper techniques used for mold removal.

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