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There is typically no out of pocket cost when you are faced with a sewage backup cleanup. Your homeowners insurance coverage is designed to protect you from such catastrophes and that’s exactly what happens at DOT.

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Sewage Leaks or Breaks Can Be Extremely Harmful If Not Remediated Promptly

Sewage cleanup and repair might be a more consequential problem than you may have thought. Sewage spills can generate far-flung disruptions to your home or even business. The raw sewage risk of contamination from an extensive array of chemical substances, bacteria, viruses and other kind of microbes has a high level, in some cases leading to serious illnesses and possibly even death.  Sewage backup can affect anyone who is exposed to it. Be it a pipe burst or a standing waste water, it is vital to act immediately. But if you want a safe and quick contaminants cleanup, it is recommended to acquire the help of a certified company whose experts are specially trained and use state-of-the-art technologies, as well as leading-edge equipment. Disasters of Tampa Bay is available 24 hours a day for solving these kind of problems.

After analyzing the amplitude and the spread of the sewage damage, the team of experts decide how to act, laying out a restoration plan. Even though using the same technologies and equipment for all the sewage cleanup situations, there are different approaches for each and every client. The techs’ focus is on taking the problem from your hands and solving it as soon as possible, in order to make your home or your office safe, clean and dry once more.  Your life can get back to normal the moment you make a call to a flood cleanup company and the appropriate plan of action is implemented for the specific type of water encountered on your property.

There are several types of contaminated water that you can bump into. The first category implies water coming from a broken water line. Even though it is clean water, over time, in contact with a specific temperature or surrounding contaminants, it can turn into contaminated water. The second category refers to gray water, which is contaminated from the beginning and can easily lead to discomfort and illnesses. Dishwasher overflow, washing machine overflow and toilet overflow with urine fall into this category. They usually contain viruses and bacteria and can turn your environment into a toxic one, if left untreated. The third category encompasses black water, which is highly contaminated and could almost certainly cause acute diseases or death if it is ingested. Rivers or streams flooding, toilet overflow with feces, standing water with microbial growth are comprised in this category. Black water might contain dangerous chemicals, microbes and untreated sewage.

 You can also deal with a continuous sewage backup and, in this case, you have to understand the core cause of your problem. For this, you will need the help of an authorized company to repair, completely disinfect and prevent sewage backup. It is not suggested to try dealing with this problem by yourself, maybe to try and save the money paid to the experts, because you could make the issue worse, given the fact you don’t have a certain expertise or a proper training.  Worst case scenario, you could get sick and still not solve the problem.

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Sewage Backup Cleanup

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