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Water is not only a force of nature, but also the cause of long-term damage in the indoor environment. Causing flooding and excess moisture, water has a powerful impact on personal property and even on structures, causing a quickened deterioration. In any of these cases, it is highly recommended and crucial to act immediately, in order to reduce the losses. There are also situations when the water which is causing the flood damage is not sanitary or the water damage restoration company is called in tardily. If you’re willing to save as much as possible after a water disaster, you should require emergency water removal services, from a top-rated remediation company, such as Disasters of Tampa Bay (DOT).

The destructive effects of water can be significantly reduced within the first 24-48 hours, by a professional efficient intervention. The deterioration might not seem manageable in some cases, but the water removal and flood damage restoration can amaze you most of the time. Especially if you ask for specialized help immediately, so that a qualified team of experts limits further damage and lessens the damage. No matter the size of your emergency, Disasters of Tampa Bay understands the priority of a fast response and that immediate intervention is needed.

The moment a water damaging event occurs, the property is saturated with fast spreading water. This will be absorbed into floors, carpets, belongings and even into walls. During the first 24 hours, the walls start to get swollen, the items made out of metal get impaired and wood surfaces swell and crack. When more than 48 hours pass and no water damage cleanup and restoration are implemented, you might have to deal with water damage mold, grown and spread on walls and furniture. At this point, metal items start rusting and corroding, while doors and windows swell. In other words, if a team of experts do not show up in the first 24-48 hours, the restoration time and costs increase greatly. While flood damage is unpredictable, water restoration companies usually offer their water damage services 24/7 and so does Disasters of Tampa Bay.

DOT’s team of specialists determines if a property can be repaired or replaced, based on a series of factors. Among them can be reminded the extent of residential or commercial property damage, the defilement of contamination and a comparison between the restoration and replacement costs. Disasters of Tampa Bay guides its clients throughout the water damage restoration process. After the water is extracted, with innovative techniques and equipment, the property is dried, under a careful monitoring. Even though it is based on the same top-notch technology, the specialists’ expertise is tailored to each and every client’s needs, in order to deliver compelling results every time.

The water mitigation will help you avoid highly dangerous potential risks like business interruption or long term, health risks and additional repair or replacement costs. So choose professionalism when it comes to water damage repair and you will enjoy the warmth of your home or have your business up and running in no time.

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Fire and Water Restoration Cost

There is no out of pocket cost when you are faced with a flood or fire restoration service. Your homeowners insurance covereage is designed to protect you from such catastrophes and that’s exactly what happens at DOT.

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